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Yao Huang: Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Founder of The Hatchery Ep 147

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

Happy Labor Day! We’ve decided to take a break ourselves, so we are sharing one of our past episodes that I think really stands the test of time. In 2013 I interviewed entrepreneur Yao Huang. That year, she was involved with the Entrepreneur Challenge and Competition, which was organized by the Taiwanese American Professionals, New York Chapter and the Taiwan Merchants Association. Yao talked about how she went from a career in pharmacy to venture capital, and how she founded The Hatchery to grow Silicon Alley, New York City’s tech community. I think you’ll find that the perspective and advice that she offers in this interview sound and still relevant today.

Yao is the founder of The Hatchery and she’s been named by Forbes one of 11 women at the center of New York’s digital scene. Her entrepreneurship has been written about in Fortune magazine, and various publications.

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • Yao’s connection to Taiwan
  • Yao’s involvement with the TAP-NY’s (Taiwanese American Professionals, New York chapter) and Taiwan Merchants Association’s Entrepreneur Challenge and Competition (ECC)
  • Yao’s career prior to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How she advised one of the companies competing in the ECC
  • The first company she started
  • How she made the transition from pharmacy in to entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • What is venture capitalism
  • What The Hatchery does
  • How The Hatchery has been integral in growing New York’s tech community
  • The Hatchery’s incubator program
  • Why Yao founded The Hatchery
  • Silicon Valley vs. Silicon Alley
  • What it was like leaving her job in pharmacy to start a company
  • What advice she has for people who want to start a business
  • What she loves the most about what she does
  • Her passion project, Win4Causes
  • What she finds so rewarding about what she does

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2013 Entrepreneur Challenge and Competition (ECC) organized by the Taiwanese American Professionals, New York Chapter and the Taiwan Merchants Association: https://bit.ly/3DMaVpd


Nomz, the company that Yao advised during the ECC: https://www.eatnomz.com/


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Yao Huang’s TED Talk, Talent incubator: Yao Huang at TEDxBroadway: https://youtu.be/qjFR0F_5K4g


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