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Tom Fifield of Taiwan Gold Card: What the Gold Card Is and Why You Would Want One Ep 255

By Felicia Lin

We met Tom Fifield of Taiwan Gold Card when he was in New York City at Passport to Taiwan in May. The Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office had a booth there and he stopped by the Talking Taiwan podcast studio, but the recording conditions were less than ideal since we had a very loud generator nearby. We re-recorded the interview remotely a few months later. Tom talked about how he later became a gold card holder, what he enjoys about living in Taiwan and later became a citizen of Taiwan Tom Fifield works for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office at Taiwan’s National Development Council. His main role is to lead a whole-of-government task-force to improve Taiwan’s migration and foreign investment environment.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • How Tom is from Australia and what brought him to Taiwan initially
  • How Tom decided to move to Taiwan and to get Taiwan citizenship
  • The myth that foreigners who apply for Taiwan citizenship have to renounce their other citizenship
  • What Tom finds so livable about Taiwan
  • How Tom became a gold card holder and involved with the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office
  • Where the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office is located
  • The 10 industries eligible to apply for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card
  • Why someone should consider applying for the Taiwan Employment Gold card
  • The most difficult thing about applying for a Taiwan Employment Gold Card
  • What the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office does and offers
  • The Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office’s email address:
  • How the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office opened in 2020 during COVID
  • How Taiwan was one of the few places in the world to have a net migration increase in 2020 during the COVID pandemic
  • What Taiwan Employment Gold Card holders have gone on to do and work on
  • How Tom also helps others to become naturalized citizens of Taiwan
  • Other options for those who don’t qualify for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card


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