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Taiwan’s Green Parties and Alternative Politics in Taiwan: A Discussion with Author Dr. Dafydd Fell Ep 144

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

Dr. Dafydd Fell is the author of Taiwan’s Green Parties Alternative Politics in Taiwan. He spoke with me about his book, which he started working on in 2012. Topics covered in this episode include the Green Party concept, and the impact that Taiwan’s Green Parties have had on Taiwan’s other political parties and social movements. Dr. Fell’s not only talks about some of his most interesting research findings, but how he was personally impacted by the subject matter of his book.

He’s also the Director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies at the University of London and we’ll have him back on another episode to talk about the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies.

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • How Dr. Fell got interested in Taiwan’s politics
  • The Green Party concept and origin
  • Global Greens Network
  • When Taiwan’s Green Party was established
  • Dr. Fell’s book Party Politics in Taiwan
  • The focus groups with Green Party activists that led Dr. Fell to write Taiwan’s Green Parties
  • How Dr. Fell is working on a Chinese language version of his book, Taiwan’s Green Parties
  • The main accomplishments and impact of Taiwan’s Green Party
  • How Taiwan’s Green Party compares to other Green Parties around the world
  • The role of Taiwan’s Green Party in the anti-nuclear movement in Taiwan
  • How Taiwan’s Green Party was the first party to advocate same sex marriage and nominate openly LGBT candidates
  • How Taiwan’s Green Party raises alternative issues (death penalty, euthanasia for terminally ill)
  • The Taiwan Green Party’s influence on mainstream political parties
  • How the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has poached figures from the Green party
  • The Taiwan Green Party’s electoral performance
  • Taiwan’s alternative parties
  • The splinter Green Parties, the Trees Party and GPT-Social Democratic Alliance
  • The most surprising or interesting finding that Dr. Fell discovered in his research for his book, Taiwan’s Green Parties
  • How Taiwan could participate in the Green Party’s global network and gain some international visibility
  • The Asia Pacific Greens network
  • Keli Yen, Global Greens Convenor (2017-2020)
  • How England and Wales Green Party Leader Penny Kemp went to Taiwan in 1996 to show support
  • The current status of Taiwan’s Green Party
  • How Dr. Fell’s book offers a different perspective on Taiwan’s history through the lens of small political parties and social movements
  • How Dr. Fell is now working on the Chinese language version of his book, Taiwan’s Green Parties with three Taiwanese scholars who were formerly leaders of Taiwan’s Green Party
  • How Dr. Fell started working on the book, Taiwan’s Green Parties in 2012


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