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TaiwanFest at Culture Lab: A Night Market Comes to Long Island City Ep 250

By Felicia Lin

On August 6th we stopped by the TaiwanFest at the Culture Lab in New York City’s Long Island City and what a treat it was!


You may remember that back in April we stopped by the first TaiwanFest of the year which got rained out and talk about night and day! This time we were happy to see that there were long lines and many of the food vendors got sold out early. There were also vendors selling all sorts of things from trinkets to T-shirts. To learn more about the different vendors at TaiwanFest just visit their website at We’ve been to several of the TaiwanFest’s throughout New York City this summer but what made the one on the 6th really special was the live music, and since it ran from 3-9pm it really took on a night market like atmosphere by the end of the night.


I spoke to a few of the community organizations that were there, like the Hakka Association of New York and FASCA (Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors).


Borcheng, TaiwanFest’s organizer also talked about how TaiwanFest is bringing more of Taiwan to New York City.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • the Hakka Association of New York
  • the Hakka Association of New York’s Leicha experience at TaiwanFest
  • FASCA (Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors)
  • How TaiwanFest is bringing more of Taiwan to New York City
  • The musicians that performed at TaiwanFest on August 6th
  • The next TaiwanFest on August 26 will be a Bubble Tea Festival


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