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Taiwanese American Arts Council: From “Island to Island” on Governors Island Ep 249

By Felicia Lin

The Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC) has been selected to be an Organization in Residence on Governors Island from May to October of this year. The Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house is at Building 7B in Nolan Park on New York’s Governors Island. There will be several artists in residence there. About 20 or 30 artists will use the studios there. Every month there’s something new to see and experience at the house. The art on exhibit is everchanging. Plus there are performances and other events. Altogether 40 artists will be involved. The Taiwanese American Arts Council is the only Asian organization on Governors Island this year.

In this episode you’ll learn about the theme of the house From Island to Island and what’s going to be happening at there in September.


Maxine Leu is a Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist who’s living in New York.

Her work includes environmental and cultural issues.

Maxine Leu’s Artwork:



Luchia Meihua Lee is the Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council.


Photo Credit to: Jessica Maloney

Ming-Jer Kuo (born in Taipei, Taiwan) is a New York-based artist. He had worked as an environmental engineer for eleven years and came to New York for art. He creates interdisciplinary visual art works based on his lens-based media experience, urban living interests and engineer’s analytic perspective.

Ming-jer Kou’s Artwork:


Sarah Walko is an artist, director, curator and writer. She is currently the Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey.

Sarah Walko’s Artwork:


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • The Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house on New York’s Governors Island
  • Artist Maxine Leu and the inspiration behind her dandelion sculptures
  • Luchia Meihua Lee, the Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council explains the concept and meaning behind the theme of the TAAC’s house “From Island to Island”
  • Events and exhibits happening at the TAAC house in September
  • Ming-Jer Kuo’s background, what inspires his art, and what he’ll have on exhibit in the group show in September at house at the Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house on Governors Island building 7B
  • What inspires Sarah Walko’s art and some of her pieces that were on exhibit at the Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house on Governors Island building 7B


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Taiwanese American Arts Council:


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U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limon:


List of artists participating in the exhibition at TAAC’s House 7B from September 1st to October 29:

1.   Huey-Min Chuang

2.    Eun Young Choi

3.    Andrea Coronil

4.    Nina Edwards

5.    Gao Yuan

6.    Hsiao-Chu (Julia) Hsia

7.    Polin Huang

8.    Oleksii Koval

9.    Ming-Jer Kuo

10.   Maxine Leu

11.   Shih-Pao Lin

12.   LuLu Meng

13.   Hsuan-Yu Pan

14.   Atu Ram

15.   Carle Shi

16.   Sarah Walko

17.   Gracy Wen

18.   Chen-Yi Wu

19.   ChinChih Yang

20.   Marlene Tseng Yu

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