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Quarantine in Taiwan: An Interview with Diana Lee Ep 89

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

In this episode of Talking Taiwan, we’ll be sharing two different perspectives on the Taiwan quarantine experience in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic. I spoke with Diana Lee, the co-founder and president of Asian in New York and one of the founders and organizers of Hello Taiwan. She recently traveled back to Taiwan with her two young children and was quarantined with them in Kaohsiung at her parents’ home. We’ll also hear from JD Chang who went back to Taiwan earlier this year. JD was a guest on Episode 80 of Talking Taiwan. He had a very different experience since he traveled and quarantined alone. He spoke with us about his quarantine experience back in May.

Special thanks to Jane Wang for providing the recording of JD.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:


  • Hello Taiwan and what it does
  • How Diana prepared for her trip back to Taiwan with 2 young kids (the travel and quarantine preparations)
  • Permits required for entry into Taiwan at the time
  • The Facebook group Diana consulted for advice on how to prepare for her trip back to Taiwan
  • The PPE Diana prepared for her and her kids to wear during their travel back to Taiwan
  • JD’s travel preparations and quarantine experience as a solo traveler
  • The different types of quarantine accommodations that people can opt for
  • The most important tip for anyone traveling back to Taiwan and undergoing quarantine, which Diana mentioned and that ended up delaying JD for an extra hour at the airport
  • The procedure upon arrival at the airport and before getting transported in a quarantine taxi or bus to your final destination
  • What happens once you’re in quarantine
  • How Diana kept her kids occupied during quarantine
  • How JD kept himself occupied during quarantine
  • The US $33,000 fine for breaking quarantine


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