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How the Term Wuhan Virus Contributed to Anti-Asian Sentiment: Minnie Sun of Taiwan Mixed Ep 136

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

Minnie Sun is one of the co-founders of Taiwan Mixed, a platform that aggregates English content on Taiwan. She was in Taipei when I spoke with her recently about Taiwan Mixed and her perspectives on how Taiwan or the Taiwanese Can Help when it comes to the stigmatization of COVID-19 which has been attributed to the recent rise in anti-Asian sentiment.  How #CanTaiwanHelp #StopAsianHate?

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • Where the idea for Taiwan Mixed came from
  • Project Taiwan
  • How Taiwan Mixed provides TLDR (too long didn’t read) articles in English about Taiwan
  • How Taiwan Mixed got started
  • The 228, Decolonization and Transitional Justice event that Taiwan Mixed hosted on Clubhouse in March
  • The challenges they’ve experienced with Taiwan Mixed
  • How Taiwan Mixed chooses its partners and news sources to feature
  • What feedback Taiwan Mixed has gotten so far
  • What she hopes to accomplish with Taiwan Mixed
  • The future of Taiwan Mixed
  • The origin of the hashtag #TaiwanCanHelp
  • The CommonWealth article, #TaiwanCanHelp curb anti-Asian sentiment: stop saying “Wuhan pneumonia” written by Minnie Sun
  • The #StopAsianHate community forum hosted by Taiwan Mixed
  • What the Taiwanese can do to combat anti-Asian sentiment
  • The criticisms of and reactions to Minnie’s CommonWeath article
  • How to apply to be a partner of Taiwan Mixed

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Taiwan Mixed on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tw.mixed/


Taiwan Mixed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tw_mixed


Project Taiwan: https://www.projecttaiwan.org/


Taiwan Can Help: https://taiwancanhelp.us/


The article, #TaiwanCanHelp curb anti-Asian sentiment: stop saying “Wuhan pneumonia” written by Minnie Sun: https://english.cw.com.tw/article/article.action?id=2962


Video of a DPP Representative, at a forum in Dubai on COVID-19, explicitly using the term “Wuhan Virus” in English: https://twitter.com/tw_mixed/status/1385142073188229122


Taiwan Mixed’s Twitter Conversation Thread about the article, #TaiwanCanHelp curb anti-Asian sentiment: stop saying “Wuhan pneumonia” written by Minnie Sun: https://twitter.com/tw_mixed/status/1385140250922557440


The 228 Incident: https://www.taiwandc.org/228-intr.htm

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