Felicia Lin Guest Interviews (in the Media)

1. The BBC Radio 4 Program Last Word

Felicia Lin, the biographer of Taiwanese revolutionary, Su Beng, and award-winning host and producer of Talking Taiwan was interviewed by producer and host Matthew Bannister of the The BBC Radio 4 Program Last Word in October 2019.

She along with BBC journalist Cindy Sui talked about 100 year old Su Beng's recent passing, his importance as an activist, historian, and revolutionary for Taiwan's independence, and his controversial life and legacy.

Listen to this compelling interview below and read more about it by clicking the link.

BBC Radio 4 Last Word

BBC Radio "The Last Word" 10.11.19 - Felicia Lin Discusses the Life of Taiwan Revolutionary Su Beng

2. "The Tao of Self Confidence" podcast

Here is Felicia being interviewed by another award-winning host Sheena Yap Chan on the popular podcast "The Tao of Self Confidence". You can also read more about the interview and her thoughts on self confidence at Felicia's own blog post here.

 My Thoughts on Self Confidence

3. "Taiwan Context" podcast

Recently in August 2021, Felicia was interviewed by the popular host Courtney Donovan Smith on "Taiwan Context", a podcast that covers in-depth stories covering one topic on Taiwan featuring expert guests. It is part of the Taiwan Report network.

Check out this excellent interview (from Taiwan Context on You Tube) where Felicia talks about her life, her Su Beng biography in the making, her podcast, and her deep connection to Taiwan.

You can also listen to Felicia's interview below on Spotify.

4. Keynote Speaker for NATWA Toronto 

On February 5, 2022, Felicia Lin was invited to be the Keynote Speaker for the NATWA Toronto special event which is the North American Taiwanese Women's Association. 

During this event, Felicia gives an extensive and compelling dissertation from the heart on how she became a lifelong champion for Taiwan, from a journey that began with her birth in Alaska, to growing up in Canada, to becoming Su Beng's English biographer, and how she later became the host of the Talking Taiwan podcast - a role she is uniquely qualified for.

Who is Felicia Lin?

Felicia Lin’s eclectic career has spanned the fields of finance and banking, human resources, education, and not-for-profit development. The diaspora of her parents’ generation and Taiwan’s international isolation, have fueled her interest in Taiwan.

While she was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, she helped found ITASA (Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association). In 2001, she left New York to live in Taiwan. While there, she discovered Su Beng (史明), a Taiwanese revolutionary, activist and historian. She began interviewing him and working on his memoir in 2004.

In 2013 Felicia began hosting the Talking Taiwan podcast and in 2017 she became the show’s producer. To learn more about her visit: www.felicialin.com.

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