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Dr. Jerome Keating’s Books: Mapping, Paradigm Shifts, and his Favorite Quotes Ep 98

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

In part two of my conversation with Dr. Keating, we spoke about his other books on mapping and paradigm shifts.  Dr. Keating also shared some of his favorite quotes including the one that encapsulates why he writes about Taiwan. And he talked about meeting with Trigg Brown and Josh Ku the owners of the popular Taiwanese American restaurant Win Son, who I interviewed in episode 60.

Since his book, Taiwan The Struggle Gains Focus features some great photos of him with several influential Taiwanese celebrities, politicians and individuals, I asked him to reflect on some of the most memorable individuals he’s met.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:


  • Keating’s books about Taiwan, that were written before Taiwan The Struggle Gains Focus
  • How Taiwan The Struggle Gains Focus will probably be the last book Dr. Keating will write about Taiwan
  • Keating’s book about the mapping of Taiwan
  • What maps can tell us about the mapmaker, trade, and economies
  • The role that the Spice Islands played in bringing the West to Asia
  • Dutch settlement of Anping, Taiwan
  • Spanish occupation of Taiwan
  • How the Portuguese named Taiwan “Ilha Formosa”
  • Keating’s book about paradigms, The Paradigms that Guide Our Lives and Drive Our Souls
  • The three realms of paradigms: science, metaphysics/teleology, phenomenology
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Examples of paradigm shifts that have happened in the world of physics (science)
  • What Dr. Keating plans to write about next
  • Coronavirus and the paradigm shift that it has caused
  • Keating’s writing process and why he writes
  • Keating’s favorite quotes
  • How the owners of the Taiwanese American restaurant Win Son (featured in episode 60), Trigg Brown and Josh Ku sought out Dr. Keating for his perspective on Taiwan’s history
  • Keating’s thoughts on the late president Lee Teng-hui and on some of well-known politicians and personalities from Taiwan that he’s met
  • An African quote that sums up why Jerome writes about Taiwan
  • Where you can buy Dr. Keating’s books and learn more about him


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