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Constance Parng: Super Auntie to Native Nations of the Auntie Sewing Squad Ep 108

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

Constance Parng is an actress, writer and healer who’s earned the title of Super Auntie to Native Nations of the Auntie Sewing Squad. Constance spoke with me about her work to support the highly vulnerable Native American communities and her connection to Taiwan. Through this conversation she reveals that the lack of access to basic things like running water and proper health care on reservations have deeply rooted origins. COVID-19 has exposed this reality that existed pre-pandemic. She hopes that bringing awareness to systemic injustices like this can lead to more people taking action to rectify the situation.

As Constance put it “by doing acts of compassion we are not only helping and saving others but also helping and saving ourselves.”


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • Constance’s connection to Taiwan
  • How Constance got involved with the Auntie Sewing Squad
  • Why Constance prefers to use the term Native Nations instead of First Nations, Native American, Tribal Nations, Indigenous Nations, Native Communities
  • The living conditions of the Navajo Nation reservation
  • How 35-40% of the Navajo Nation reservation does not have running water
  • Families need to travel a distance to get water which they must then ration for cooking, drinking or washing their hands
  • How violations of treat rights and Systemic racism have contributed to the current living conditions on reservations
  • Why the Lakota Well Being Project is fundraising for an additional ambulance
  • How reservations are like third world nations within the United States
  • How people can donate to the Lakota Well Being Project
  • Medshare providing medical supplies to Standing Rock
  • Constance estimates that she’s been responsible for getting 60,000 masks too indigenous communities
  • Winter coat drive for Standing Rock
  • The conditions at Standing Rock
  • The discrimination that exists in the border towns outside of reservations
  • Constance’s call out to people who have supported the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests to support Standing Rock now in their time of need during COVID
  • South Dakota has one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the U.S.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
  • The lack of adequate health care and the long term effects on the native peoples who live on the on a reservation
  • The April 20th conversation Constance had a with Bettina who was connected to a group of seamstresses who sew for Navajo Nations
  • The uranium mining that has happened on native reservations and its hazardous health effects
  • How people can help by donating to the ambulance fund, the Auntie Sewing Squad, art supplies for kids, winter coats
  • How Constance has been connected to many amazing people from all walks of life through this work she’s been doing for the Native Nations
  • The difference between the Navajo Nation and Hopi Nation
  • How deliveries of supplies and essentials are coordinated
  • The “fortress of gratitude” where donations can be dropped off
  • How acts of compassion not only help others but actually can serve to help ourselves
  • How the mother of one of Constance’s contacts at Navajo Nation has COVID-19
  • The impact of curfews that have been imposed on reservations
  • The CARES Act
  • Mutual aid and nonprofit groups that Constance has worked with have told her that the Auntie Sewing Squad and Lakota Well Being Project have done more for them than their own tribal government or the federal government


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Portable handwashing stations being delivered to Navajo Nations by the Auntie Sewing Squad


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