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Chin Chih Yang: Talks About his Unique Performance Art at Passport to Taiwan Ep 246

By Felicia Lin

Chin Chih Yang stopped by the Talking Taiwan podcasting booth at Passport to Taiwan and we talked about his unique performance art and his 10-year project “Watch Us, Together We Can Do It” which he will be working on during his residency at the Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house, on New York’s Governors Island. The Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house, Building 7B is located in Noland Park on Governors Island.  In June, we went to Governors Island and spoke with Chin Chih after his first live outdoor performance of “Watch Us, Together We Can Do It”

Chin Chih Yang is a Taiwanese multidisciplinary artist who has been inducted into the New York Foundation for the Arts Hall of Fame.

A full in-depth interview with Chin Chih will be released at a future date.

Chin Chih Yang’s creates his “Invisible Love and Beauty” at the Queens Museum of Art opening in 2013.

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • The concepts and themes behind Chin Chih’s art
  • The performance aspect of Chin Chih’s art
  • Chin Chih’s interactive performance at the Queens Museum of Art opening in 2013, Invisible Love and Beauty
  • Chin Chih’s residency at the Taiwanese American Arts Council’s house, located on Governors Island
  • Chin Chih’s long term project, “Watch Us, Together We Can Do It and the concept behind it

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