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Bilingual Podcast and Discrimination That Overseas Taiwanese Experience in Taiwan: Talking with Cindy Wu Ep 166

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

I’m always interested in listening to other podcasts and to learn about Taiwan-related ones. Late last year I heard about the Bilingual aka Bailingguo (百靈果) News Podcast because there was an episode that generated some heated discussion on, among English-speaking foreigners in Taiwan. Forumosa is an online discussion forum for English-speakers about Taiwan and in full disclosure, they have been a sponsor of Talking Taiwan.

I was wondering what all the controversy was about so I spoke to my friend Cindy about it and this led to a discussion about how foreigners are viewed in Taiwan and oddly enough the discrimination that overseas Taiwanese sometimes experience in Taiwan.

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • One of the most popular podcasts in Taiwan the 百靈果(Bilingual) News Podcast
  • How an episode of the 百靈果(Bailingguo) News Podcast generated a lot of discussion amongst the English-speaking expat community in an online discussion forum on
  • What the discussion on was about
  • If the slang term lao wai (老外) that refers to foreigners in Taiwan is insulting
  • What makes the 百靈果(Bailingguo) News Podcast so controversial
  • How people have compared the style of the hosts of the 百靈果(Bilingual) News Podcast to Joe Rogan and Howard Stern
  • Why the English-speaking expat community on were upset by the episode
  • People’s opinions of the 百靈果(Bailingguo) News Podcast
  • The discrimination that foreigners experience in Taiwan
  • The discrimination that some overseas Taiwanese experience in Taiwan


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