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Craft Beer and Beer Brewing – Michael Forncrook Talking Taiwan Ep 52

By Felicia Lin

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin:

I love talking to entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s always interesting to learn how they started and have continued to build their businesses. For this episode I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Forncrook about how he started a craft beer business in Taiwan. We spoke at great length, and what a lot of listeners don’t know is that we do most our podcasts long distance, via Skype. For this interview I was in New York, and Michael was in central Taiwan. It might not come as a surprise that we’ve the occasional technical glitch, but it happened a record number of times during my interview with Michael. We actually had to hang up and reconnect four times! So I want to thank Michael for sticking it out with me and for supporting Talking Taiwan. We had such a fascinating conversation about a range of topics including what type of beer is healthier, the steps to brew beer at home, gypsy brewers, and advice for expats wanting to start a business in Taiwan.


Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

How and why PB Craft hosts beer brewing classes

Beer brewing in Taiwan and Asia

Michael’s company PB Craft

The B2B agricultural food marketplace, that Michael is developing. He describes it as the Aliba or B2B Amazon for food products and beverages

Can beer be considered healthy and what kind of beer is healthier?

The benefits of beer spas

How to brew beer at home

Unique craft beer flavors

What is a gypsy brewer?

The craft beer industry in Taiwan and Asia.

The challenges of running a business with your spouse

Advice for expats interested in starting a business in Taiwan

Entrepreneurship in Taiwan


Beer Brewing Steps:


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金鼎軒自釀啤酒 DIY Beer Supply Home Brew Facebook page:

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  • Great talk on craft beer in Taiwan! Shared this on Twitter and Facebook!
    I’ve done some home brewing since I came to Germany, all the materials are easy to get but keeping the beer fresh is the hardest part for me.

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